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Some of what you see on these pages are my photos, taken both in my career as a journalist and on the many days I've had the desire to snap a few candid shots, using either my iPhone or Canon Rebel XSI.
Other content is what inspires/amuses me.
My reason for starting this blog was originally to promote my first venture into multimedia/movie making, a seven-minute video of photos taken at Thorold's Olympic Torch Route event. I needed an effective way to get this out to as many people as possible without it being lost in the sea that is YouTube. Since then, the purpose of Mind's Mural has expanded to promote not just my own work but that of the many talented people I've met in my career. Who couldn't use a little free advertising? Visit Stuff I Like to find my fave links and a mass of local (Niagara-based, mostly covering the Thorold/Welland/Dunnville and sometimes St. Catharines areas) non-profits, individuals, musicians/bands and artists I've had the pleasure of meeting and events I've attended.
The name Mind's Mural owes its inspiration to a local attraction in my favourite city Thorold (in case you couldn't tell). There, a group of volunteers is working on Canada's largest mural project. It runs along the Welland Canal Parkway and provided many a story during my time at the Thorold Niagara News. As I thought about names for my blog, I got thinking of how that project expresses the achievements, character, growth and history of the city, its tragedies and triumphs epitomized, personified and painted on a wall. I'm hoping this blog will do the same for me!

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