Via Life on Apple Ave.: Food Flow Charts

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Don't forget the tooth drops...

Purpleslinky via uncivilsociety.org

and light up before you scold.

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Beware the Twitter/Facebook Infinite Loop Syndrome

from Alistair's Blog -->Achewood via book of joe 

Classic 4 Yorkshiremen sketch

"The police are ready." (Crazy old woman vs. telemarketer)

Don't ask for help...
Can You Blame Them?
(courtesy of Oddly Specific)

...or lick the windows.
Funny Signs - But How Else Will We Keep Them Clean?

Get this lady some alcohol.
omg i so need a glass of wine or i'm gonna sell my kids

I love Rick Mercer and his weekly exploits. This Tuesday, he was off to Calgary's Canada Olympic Park to bobsled with Olympian Kaillie Humphries. View the ensuing hilarity and find out why visiting Koreans are hurling themselves down a hill @ 130 clicks. According to one, "they signed a waiver, and there you go."

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