Friday, January 29, 2010

Dunnville's efforts in Haiti, Part 2

Rev. Jonathan Strutt (middle) poses with two volunteers and items being packaged for Calvary Pentecostal Church’s week-long mission trip to Dominican Republic to help Haitians. 
ⓒ Allison Smith 2010

Faith also guides the team of 20 volunteers from Dunnville’s Calvary Pentecostal Church, who are partnering with the Canadian charity Servant’s Heart Ministries, leave January 30 to spend a week in the Dominican Republic helping the three to five million Haitians there.
“They are considered non-people,” explained Rev. Jonathan Strutt.. “They have no rights to education, no rights to healthcare, government or social services.”
The team has been taking missions to help Haitians in the Dominican Republic for years and had planned to before the earthquake. This time, they are adding the delivery of dental, medical and hygiene supplies and children’s clothing (donated by community members and organizations) for Haitians and equipment for workers going into Haiti to their mandate. Items workers will receive include air mattresses (purchased with cash raised by congregation members) and tents. A cash donation will also be delivered. “We’re privileged to be able to help,” said Rev. Strutt, who called the team “dedicated and selfless.”
Joan McQuillen, the church’s secretary, said she was excited to leave. “When I heard (the news of the earthquake), I immediately thought about the impact it was going to have on our mission, and the impact on the Haitian people. This is God’s timing,” she said, adding the mission would now have a greater impact. It’s exciting. I can’t wait. What 20 of us can accomplish in one week is going to be incredible.”
The mission will be about many things, and the challenge is to look at the “big picture,” she said.

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