Friday, January 29, 2010

Dunnville's efforts in Haiti, Part 4

Local businesses are getting in on the effort by donating equipment and encouraging their customers to donate cash.
Dunnville Rotarian Dr. Reza Kazemi said Grandview Lodge, Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and Dunnville and District Credit Union are taking donations to Doctors Without Borders, the Canadian Red Cross and the Albert Schweitzer hospital. They are offering fair trade products, including coffee and hot chocolate, free, to raise awareness about the importance of making the choice to support fair trade companies. Dr. Kazemi said long-term change needs to happen in third world countries and that the “tragedy” is that though there is much attention given to the nation now, “we just don’t learn. Our heart bleeds, we open our hearts, we give what we can, the news reports these poor people are having their legs and arms amputated…our approach is based on our bleeding hearts for the moment, not long term.” Citizens of developed countries must make better choices in the long term, he said, looking at their “effect on the environment and the effect on people. People give with one hand, buy a t-shirt made by a Haitian sweatshop, and they take away that help with the other hand. They contribute to the poverty in Haiti.”
Dunnville’s Canadian Tire store is joining its chain across Canada in donating outdoor living supplies, including hundreds of four-person tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and batteries and has agreed to supply outdoor living equipment and merchandise at cost through ONEXONE, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to preserve a basic quality of life for children locally and globally. 
John Macdonald, the owner of Cayuga’s Pizzazz Pizza and Wings, donated 25 per cent of Monday’s (January 25) sales to relief efforts, while Darnell Case, owner of Dunnville’s Squires Pizza, collected donations at his store the same day in the spirit of friendly competition to raise the most money to hand over to the Salvation Army, said Kathy Milligan, acting manager of Dunnville’s Salvation Army. Milligan said the organization has become a trusted drop-off point for people wanting to donate. The funds “go directly to people who need help,” she said, adding she has seen much local support from individuals and businesses for the cause. As for the fundraising effort of the two restaurants, Milligan said, “it’s nice to see Cayuga and Dunnville connect.”
The Salvation Army is still seeking donations of money, she said. “Every penny helps.”

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